A clear Night.

As the night arose,
So did the bitter dark,
In whose atmosphere could only be heard,
The howl and the wolf’s bark.

As the wind blew,
In the form of a gentle breeze,
It made eerie sounds,
As it blew through the pine trees.

Neither was the moon nor the sky,
Overcast by the pale clouds,
Under whose light,
Did the pack of wolves howl.

The whitish scar in the sky,
Slowly disappeared,
Or did it seem to be,
To whose sight I peacefully slumbered.

– Rajveer Nair

I wrote this poem in about 10 minutes, just like my some other poems. Hope you like it and do check out my other works too, as I post more of my works along with the passage of time.

An arriving dawn…

Although the sun was down,
Below the horizon,
Its twilight was seen spectacularly,
Above the forests of fern.

As the orange gently,
Nudged the sky of blue,
It gallantly filled up the sky,
With its husky hue.

The stars which glimmered,
Had started to fade,
For at the advent of dawn,
Good bye, they had to bade.

As the layers of light,
Filled up the sky,
The night sky, in its captivity,
Bade good bye.

The morning now,
Almost fully arrived,
Was signalled as the,
Birds chirpingly cried.

The night beneath the horizon,
Had started to dwell,
But would return soon,
So till then it bade farewell.

– Rajveer Nair

An Idyll

sitting under the shade of a tree,

my mind so pensive as can be,

full of melancholy, not of glee,

but with a sudden stroke of light,

I see a sight, lit by the sun, spectacularly.

I see green vales, stretched to a height,

as all rose together in their might,

and kissed the sun bringing delight,

the view, complemented by the birds sermon,

as they lift me from my melancholy plight.

Such a sight; only one,

as it stretched to the horizon,

the dead grass was brought to life by the sun,

when the sun began its descend,

and ignited my tavern.

The wind whispered to me; like a sibyl’s transcend,

and now, with this, I bring thius idyll to an end.

-Rajveer Nair

The Sands

The sun scorches,
The sand heats,
All, dead in grime,
And all, forgotten with time,

They hide some enigma,
These sands of Arabia,
Seeing their beauty as I travel,
Is like finding gold in gravel,

How many times did I envisage,
Water, but only a mirage,
This is the place where the dead reach,
And all you can hear is the vulture’s screech.

These sands in hunger,
Consuming anything near,
All the sweat, and life they swallow,
And soon, all dry in the hollow.

Soon, arrives the night,
The sand reflects the dim light,
The shards of glass shine,
Like stars on earth, its divine,

Seeing all this, my eyes close,
And there, my body just froze,
My life, may now be in vain,
But I know I will come here again and again.

-Rajveer Nair

The Ruins

I travel to the ruins,
At some place unknown,
Where hundred years ago, celebration of battle that were won,
And still the beauty of the ruins had me thrown,

Even though, in history, the ruins had caught fire,
But still they have the beauty which I admire,
And admiring them fills me with desire,
And takes away my ire.

In the evening’s sun,
I see the ruins cast their shadow,
I see that scenery,
As I lie in the meadow.

Now it is night,
I see the stars sparkle their light,
And slowly does my soul ignite,
To a scenery that soothes my sight.

-Rajveer Nair.

Fishing Night

Today is the night, when I go for fishing, Away from the town shooting gun,
I take my radio and start listening,
To my favourite ‘Nancy Mulligan’.

The sky is the stage, the main is the moon,
The stars seem to sparkle, the stars seem to shine,
It is good watching them from the lagoon,
With a nice glass of wine,

The moon seems beautiful, the moon seems to glow,
And the smooth cool breeze blow,
The clouds are long, the clouds are white,
It is a scenery good for sight.

The stars are small, the stars are bright,
They look beautiful in the dark night,
The moon is big, the moon looks divine,
It is good see with a fish to dine.

Now it is late,
But to leave is hate,
Abundant fish has been caught,
But the hate to leave is alot.

– Rajveer Nair