The Sands

The sun scorches,
The sand heats,
All, dead in grime,
And all, forgotten with time,

They hide some enigma,
These sands of Arabia,
Seeing their beauty as I travel,
Is like finding gold in gravel,

How many times did I envisage,
Water, but only a mirage,
This is the place where the dead reach,
And all you can hear is the vulture’s screech.

These sands in hunger,
Consuming anything near,
All the sweat, and life they swallow,
And soon, all dry in the hollow.

Soon, arrives the night,
The sand reflects the dim light,
The shards of glass shine,
Like stars on earth, its divine,

Seeing all this, my eyes close,
And there, my body just froze,
My life, may now be in vain,
But I know I will come here again and again.

-Rajveer Nair


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