Euphoria of the evening

It is evening time and the sun shines bright,
As it procrastinates near the horizon.
The rays of the sun in the sky cast a different light,
And the birds, to their abode, do they return.
Any lugubriousness, they do enlight,
Bringing euphoria, which in my heart, does brightly burn.
The glimpse of the merging shades of day and night,
Relieves the viewer of any of his concern.
How can a scenery,
Allow us, enlightenment to perceive?
It is a bless to be able to see,
And later in our mind, to conceive,
Nature is the elixir of life, that gives one ecstasy,
As it makes one’s heart beat to ho and heave…

-Rajveer Nair


Stars of the night

As I look up from an open field,
To pass my sleepless night,
And see the dark sky yield,
Shiny, gimmering balls of light.

The colour of their shine,
Contrasting the colourful sky,
The translucent colour like red wine,
Of the galaxy behind, up high.

These balls of fire,
Lay enigmatic, away from the earth,
But the beauty of theirs which I admire,
Leaves my heart overflowing with mirth.

The feeling, I perceive,
From the light they radiate,
The immeasurable gaiety I conceive,
Which only the beauty of night can stimulate.

Although they themselves not sway,
They move my heart,
Towards the feelings of gay,
Bringing all moroseness to depart.

Their amount in the sky is equal,
To the amount of joy they bring,
And their luminosity is much more,
Than a bridal ring.

From afar, these tiny specks,
Leave me in awe,
With the picturesqueness,
Which in nature, I rarely saw.

The shine of these illuminated circles fade,
With the arrival of one of their kind,
And goodbye they bade,
But had forever stayed in my mind…

Say Goodnight…

The glimmer of the moon,
As it kisses the earth,
Igniting all the jades,
And stones in the dirt.

As the wispy clouds,
Some with cosmic dust,
Show the beauty of nights,
Which they seldom encrust.

The clear skies,
Form the perfect background,
As their rich, dark indigo hue,
Touches the lightened ground.

These gentle breezes,
The forming of due,
All start to take their place,
To welcome a dawn, that is new.

The sounds of night,
Although feel eerie,
But in itself it hides,
An untold mystery.

As the trees hustle,
And sway to and fro,
And gently rustle,
As the wind gets slow.

How could one forget,
The sparkling stars,
As they light up the paths,
Of caravans who’ve travelled for hours.

The dark shades of both;
Of The ground and sky,
Merge at a distance far away,
As form heaven there, anigh.

The high tide of night,
Come, amid the ocean
From waves and ripples
As the moon calls them and so does the sun.

Tenderly, does blow the wind,
In every coast, from land to sea,
In their slow, swift approch,
As the cold air sinks gracefully.

The atmosphere of night,
All filled with calm,
For all keep the peace and slumber,
As their tiring hardwork, they enbalm.

And so as to not disturb and bring,
All’s surreal endeavours in plight,
Let the night help you torpor,
As it bids you a fair good night.

– Rajveer Nair

The Ruins

I travel to the ruins,
At some place unknown,
Where hundred years ago, celebration of battle that were won,
And still the beauty of the ruins had me thrown,

Even though, in history, the ruins had caught fire,
But still they have the beauty which I admire,
And admiring them fills me with desire,
And takes away my ire.

In the evening’s sun,
I see the ruins cast their shadow,
I see that scenery,
As I lie in the meadow.

Now it is night,
I see the stars sparkle their light,
And slowly does my soul ignite,
To a scenery that soothes my sight.

-Rajveer Nair.