“Ma”, the first word one says,
To that one special person,
The most loved on all days.

The one who caresses us with her gentle touch,
The one who we consider our world,
That’s all she wants, nothing much.

The one who clutches our nimble fingers,
As she teaches us to walk,
And many such moments, in our mind lingers.

The one who stayed up all night,
To be there for her little soul,
And never did she let us go out of her sight.

The one who swung our cradle,
And she gently smiled,
As she sung us a peaceful lull.

The one who was the source of our origin,
The one who always stood strong besides us,
The one who taught us to forgive others sins.

The one who would do anything for us,
The one who wouldn’t let any danger doth upon us,
The one whose eye sparkled like the brightest stars.

She scolded us when we didn’t follow a norm,
But she only did as she cared,
That one special person I would call “mom”.

But how oft, words of appreciation did you say?
For she wonders about us every night and day,
So in honour of that soul, let us wish her a happy mothers day.